Frequently Asked Business Questions


Do you have a minimum company size you work with?

  • Absolutely Not! 
  • Our business is Small Business.  
  • One Individual is a business waiting to grow!
  • We support your vision.
  • We will create a training plan for you.
  • We will conduct an audit if necessary


Where can training be conducted?

  • We can arrange on or off site training.
  • We know the value of your team to your business.
  • We will  eliminate downtime concerns.
  • We can split sessions as needed to minimize interruptions.
  • Our office is Located in Bellflower, CA for your convenience


Can you work around my schedule?

  • We love Small Business
  • We understand how valuable your time is. 
  • O'Neal & Associates will accommodate you. 
  • Whether it's training, audit, or service needs, on site or in our Bellflower office, we are here for you.