Startup Studio Group can assist you with all your Marketing, Advertising, Branding and Development  needs. 

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Services Offered


  • Website Design and Development | Basic website design, review sites to drive traffic and increase consumer confidence, blog sites, extensive custom developed sites with flash, and any client customization needs.
  • 360 Marketing Services | Marketing plans which target customers/acquisitions from all available resources, engaging with your brand's audience in a wide array of ways to better acquire your desired outcome.
  • Commercial Production | Network television, digital, social platforms, trade show, event assets fully produced.  
  • Radio Ad Production | Short and Long-form DR radio spots, crafting CTA "Call to Action", content production such as scripting, music, editing.
  • Video Production and Content Production | Asset product to support YouTube, Review Sites, Affiliate Marketing Sites, and other Social Media Platforms.
  • Social Media Marketing | Project development, content creation, ad buys, budget management, analysis, and re-targeting.
  • Digital Advertising | GoogleAds, affiliate marketing, YouTube Ads, etc. 
  • E-Commerce Management | Services include setting up Amazon stores, eBay, Etsy, proprietary sites, and other similar selling sites.
  • Trademark and Patent Services | International search, asset and content development created for startups, filings, communication management with the USPTO.
  • Legal Document and Filing Services | We are not a legal firm, however, we offer low-cost filing fees and services. If you need legal assistance we can direct you to a legal firm to support your needs.  
  • Trade Show, Event, Corporate Engagements, and Launch Parties | *Local or International Capabilities Available* We offer prop/show/event design, video content for monitors, print materials, management, onsite production, talent and ambassador procurement.
  • Branding and Brand Development for B2B and B2C | Development, management, logo design, brand identification, website design, social programs created, roll-out programs, original content, corp messaging, package design, print materials designed, sales programs/messaging scripts, and much more. 
  • Product Development B2B and B2C | We are able to produce B2B and B2C service programs, products for business or consumers, develop original ideas or modify existing products to better suit the needs of the end-user.
  • Beta Testing | Before launching a new product or service several tests must be conducted to ensure you will not suffer from a poor review with consumers, or have legal issues related to not fulfilling all obligations prior to an official launch. We are able to assist in all areas of development and testing of new or existing products/services while adhering to compliance needs.  
  • R&D | We are able to provide the following; extensive research of laws, guidelines per region or country, product development requires research of the market and consumer, where to source and how to manage contracts with outsourced services, fulfillment requirements, timelines, lead times, and seamless project management of each portion of the project lifecycle. 
  • Overseas Sourcing and Manufacturing | Understanding import and export, sourcing, tariffs, and the laws of other countries is tricky, we are able to facilitate all of your overseas product or manufacturing needs. 
  • PR and Press Release Development | We develop project plans to support press release campaigns for a digital release.

                       AND, MUCH MORE, JUST ASK!